Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Starting Points

I realized that I hadn't put any of my PR's on here as a starting point in my quest for speed.  Here they are, and don't laugh - I'm working on it!

5K  28:07 (sad, I know.  I just wasn't made for the 5K)
10K 59:35
half marathon 2:10:07
full marathon 4:32:07

So there you go.  Lots of room for improvement.

I had a great run at the park yesterday.  Ken and I did one outer loop (6.7 miles).  We took it pretty easy - we were both recovering from heavy running weekends.  For some reason he ran 27 miles at the park over the weekend.  27 miles?  And he didn't even get a medal!  I filled him in on all the TIR craziness, and I think I've almost convinced him to start blogging.  We'll see...

Going to the track today for some interval training, and I am actually going to run this time.  I'm turning the phone OFF.  The Garmin Forerunner 405 is on the way - I can't freakin' wait!


Bill D said... the super fast Adrienne running against us this Sunday? Hate to lose twice in one week. said...

Would Ken's blog be known as The Streaker?

Holden said...

LOL, stuck in a van full of sweaty running gadget nerds for 30 odd hours and next thing you know, you have a blog and a Garmin Forerunner! This is why you're the Rock Star!

Is it really true that 7 Hills membership costs only $7?

Tiggs said...

oooh the 405...jealous