Monday, July 14, 2008

In Over My Head

First of all, let me say thank you to everyone who has been concerned about me.  I'm sorry for not posting on here and letting you all know what is going on.  I am really lucky to have people who worry about me when I don't blog! =)

What a crazy summer it's been!  I don't even know where to start.  Our deer venture has turned out to be a HUGE undertaking.  We lost three fawns when they were all first born due to fire ants.  Being new to this, I had no idea ants could be such a problem.  We had to take all the remaining fawns out of the pen and treat the entire thing with ant killer, which then all had to be watered hand.  I had to drag a water hose around for three days!  

Once we got the ant problem under control, we tried to return the fawns to the pen, but the does rejected them and would not let them nurse.  So, we are bottle feeding the deer until they can be weaned in about 3 weeks.  I know this doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but I can't tell you how much work it has been, and still is.  

First we weren't set up to bottle feed.  We had to build pens, get all the supplies, etc...The first week they all had to eat every 4 hours around the clock.  That has slowed down now, and I am just feeding 4 times a day.  And when I say "feeding", I really mean - mix up all the milk, feed them all, help them go to the bathroom (deer can't go own their own when they are young.  I won't gross you out by graphically describing this process), clean up the bottles, clean the pens, and then start all over again.  I was so exhausted for the first two weeks, I hardly slept at all.

While all this has been going on, I have also had to deal with all my regular work stuff, my dad in the hospital in Dallas with heart issues, my father-in-law in Dayton very sick, my dog died, and witnessed JP total our truck and travel trailer in a bad wreck right in front of me.  I seriously could write a country and western song.  I know that would make Jon proud! =)

Things are looking up though.  I am getting a handle on the deer, I think I'm just about caught up on my regular work, my dad is fine, JP's dad is feeling better, we had a nice funeral for the dog, and JP and Jared were not hurt in the wreck.

I still have my email forwarded to the office for them to deal with maintenance requests from tenants, so if you want to chat, holler at me at my other email address -

Again, I'm sorry if I had anyone worried.  Honestly I have been completely drained mentally and physically.   I'll be back soon...I promise!

Here are some pictures from the wreck.  I was so excited to be getting away for a couple days to Lake Travis.  We hired some people to come stay here with the deer and loaded up.  We got about an hour away from home and BAM!  The truck got a blowout on one of the rear tires.  With the weight of the trailer behind him, JP couldn't control it.  The truck and trailer jackknifed.  The trailer broke loose and flipped nearly ripping the back of the truck off.  I was following behind JP in my car pulling the boat, so I had a very scary view of the whole thing.  It is lucky there was no oncoming traffic, and that the trailer broke loose and did not flip the truck with it.  JP and Jared both wear a Saint Christopher medal for which I am very thankful.  

I've missed you all!