Thursday, May 28, 2009

Following Orders (For the Most Part)

I feel like my training is going really well!  That whole phase one thing I spoke of...I'm past it.  Running is fun again, and I'm back in a groove.  I've been doing set workouts given to me by my awesome new coach, and so far I've only messed up one of them.  The day after Memorial Day...c'mon what do you expect.  I kinda like getting up, checking my schedule, and following orders.  I didn't think I would, but I really do.  I've always said, I'm a much better sheep than shepherd.  So here's what I've done for last few days:

Last Saturday - ran 6 miles at a relaxed pace on trails here at home.  It was an ok run, but I was a bit hungover and blah from turnin' my swag on the night before. 

Sunday - Chillaxed

Monday - Drank beer on a boat (was supposed to do 10 min wu, 4 x 8min (hard) followed by 2 min. jog recovery, 10 cd)

Tuesday - Did the workout I was supposed to do Monday on my road. (minus two of the 8 min sets and the about a hangover.  Decided not to drink anymore during this portion of my training)

Wednesday - Was able to run until the afternoon, so opted for a treadmill run.  Did 10 wu, 5 x 8 min (hard) followed by 2 min jog recovery, 10 cd.  Felt great!!!  Treadmill was not bad at all...watched game shows and jammed out to some kickass tunes!

I think I'm going to use the treadmill more this summer.  I just really don't do well in the heat, and my running usually stalls out during the hot as hell months.  The treadmill's not THAT bad, and if it keeps me running, and moving towards my goal...then so be it!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

HSP Kicked My Butt!!

Hog's Hunt was the first time I had run at the park in FOREVER!!  HSP trails are way different than my trails, and they did one helluva number on my back and hips.  I think some of the problems with my back are from the way I was using my arms....holding them all weird to help me balance as I attempted to jump roots and stumps.  Then there was all the loose sand.  I don't remember the park being THAT sandy!  Up hill in loose sand is like running in a hamster wheel...and that is what I am blaming the hip trouble on.

I rested Sunday, but got right back at it yesterday.  Just 4 easy miles down my road.  I hope no one saw me bc I'm sure I looked like a friggin' idiot!  My hip flexors only allow for baby steps.  I ran 5 today, and felt better, but still not quite normal.  Guess that's what I get for running 15.5 miles of tough trails completely unprepared!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hog's Hunt 25K

Well, so much for sitting Hog's Hunt out!  Nevermind the fact that I was completely unprepared to run a 25K...I just said 'what the hell' and did it anyway.  It actually started out really well.  I felt great all the way to about mile 11 or 12, and then the heat and lack of water started to kick my butt.  There was a 5 mile stretch between aid stations, and it was about 90 degrees outside!  I think I got just a tad bit dehydrated.  Oh well, I lived...

I'm not really sure what my time was...just glad I finished!  It was AWESOME to back out at the park!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Chipping Away at Phase One

Phase One - that's where I am right now.  The phase that keeps most people away from this sport.  There's nothing enjoyable about, every step is a struggle, self doubt is rampant, and you want nothing more than to throw in the towel.  I don't know how many times I've tried to explain this to people...when I get "I don't know how you do what you do...I hate running!".   You've just gotta get outta Phase One, people!! 

Luckily, I've conquered this hill before, and I know the awesomeness that exists on the other side.  I am inching my way closer everyday, and I am so excited!  I recruited a coach yesterday too!  I am going to work my ass off to make that sub 4 race!!!

I am signed up to run Hog's Hunts 25K tomorrow, but I'm not trained for it, and I don't see the point of going out there and killing myself.  I think I'm just going to stick to my comeback training plan, and just be a spectator for this one.  It's fun cheering everybody on anyway.  I'm going to bring my camera and photograph and support all my peeps who actually trained for the race.  I'll be back next year fo sho!!!

I ran another 3 miles this a.m. on my road.  I felt much stronger than the last 2 days.  I did walk about 100 yds in the middle somewhere, but I cranked up my go-to tunes, The Killers, and they got me going again.  Mr. Brightside does it for me everytime!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Game On!!!

I think it was about this time last year when I last posted to this blog.  I have no idea if anyone is still doing it, or reading these things, but I'm gonna start posting again.  I have come to the conclusion that I am much more dedicated to running when I blog about it.  I guess it just helps keep me accountable...who knows.  

All I do know, is that I am determined to get back in peak running condition again.  I don't care if it is hot as hell!  I have set a goal for myself to run a sub 4 marathon this fall, and I am going to do my dangedest to git-r-done...can't believe i just said that.  

anyhoo, here goes!!!

I ran 3 miles yesterday very slowly and sluggishly.  I attempted to run the same 3 mile trail again today, but my dog was attacked by a skunk towards the end.  She was slinging the thing around trying to shake it to death, when it bit a hunk outta her nose and sprayed her in the mouth.  She then proceeded to whine, puke, bleed, and stink very badly.  I walked the last 1/4 mile or so back to the house with her.  I think it's safe that she will never again jack with a skunk!