Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bad Morning...Really Bad

Side Note:  This has nothing to do with running.  I thought this was really weird and wanted to share.  I am supposed to be watching our cows while my husband is gone because they are all calving right now.  I go out twice a day and make sure none of them are down, count all the calves to make sure none are missing, and make record of any new ones.  Yesterday I found this...

What the heck?!?  All of our cows are black (Brangus).  Where in the world did this white calf come from?  We have raised Brangus cattle for 10 years and I've never seen this.  I'm very confused.

The spring forward time change has always been a source of trouble for me, and this morning was no exception.  I set the alarm on my phone for 6 a.m. so that I would have plenty of time to get dressed, have breakfast, enjoy some coffee, and meet Karen and Dave and some of their Woodlands group at the park for an 8 a.m. run.  Long story short:  the time didn't change on my phone, I got no breakfast, had little for dinner the night before, very little sleep, probably a little too much crown royal, and consequently a really bad run.  I was dizzy, had a side stitch, and felt like I was going to puke.  I made it around the 6.8 mile inner loop, Han's Course (Dave of course had a map), but it wasn't pretty.  Thank goodness my fellow runners were gracious enough to share their rations (accelerade and sport beans) or else I very well may have died.
I felt horrible for holding them up when they had driven all the up from The Woodlands to run.  I hope I get the chance to redeem myself.  I promise guys, next time I will be fresh and nourished.  

Now it's time to get ready for the big 2 o'clock 5K throw down between 7 Hills Running Club and The Woodlands Running Club.  I hope my time is better that yesterday at RTW.  I came in at 28:56.  I can do better.


K said...

Katy you did just fine out there! It was a great day for a run and I was there to get a feel for the trail. I have never run out there before. I hope I can get out there the next few weeks to prep for Hogs Hunt.

You've been running a lot since we got back from TIR. Yesterday was my first day to run and I stunk, but sometimes you just have to take those not so wonderful runs and learn something from them. Sometimes you just chalk it up to "hey, my feet hit the dirt and I put on some miles." After a bit of rest and some good nutrition, you'll be just great! Do well this afternoon! I can't wait to hear the details.

Crosstrain said...

Every training run puts money in your running bank account. It will be there when you want to make a withdrawal at a race! That's really interesting about the white calf, I guess it is genes at work. Let us know what you figure out.

Tiggs said...

wow- you have real cows!! that is pretty wild!

so, have you figured out the white one yet?

David Smart said...

Way to hang in there....especially with the Brochitis dragging you down!