Sunday, March 9, 2008

And The Winner is


7 Hills Running Club

That's right - We won.  Kicked butt.  Got the trophy.  Not sure what the official score was, but we managed to come out on top.  After my despicable run this morning, I knew there was no PR in the sites today, so I picked up a running buddy and just enjoyed it.  I teamed up with Deanna Langwell (daughter of Norman Langwell) a little after the first mile.  She was running her first 5K, and had never run more than a mile before today.  She looked like she could use a distraction, and I'll have to admit, I needed one myself.  We chatted and coasted in at just a little over 31 minutes.  Way to go Deanna!


Adrienne said...

YAY! I got Niki's email a little while ago. Hope y'all all had fun! I should be there for the next one!

Norman said...

Deanna wanted me to tell you thank you for running with her. she had alot of fun. Thats a great pic.