Monday, March 31, 2008


If you've been to my house before, you know I kinda live in the boonies.  No neighbors in sight, quiet, peaceful, but also the perfect place for someone looking to get rid of something to dump it.  This is apparent from all the random things I have found while running over the years in the ditches along the side of the road. 

Beer cans, dirty magazines, empty prescription pill bottles from online pharmacies in Las Vegas, old couches, rusty appliances, unwanted puppies and kittens, a wide variety of roadkill...I've seen just about everything.  Or at least I thought I had.

Last Wednesday I was headed back from a Dr.'s appt. in Houston when I got a call from a restricted number.  'Mrs. Lampson?  This is so and so with the Texas Rangers.  We have some questions for you.  We've been told you frequently run down Pinedale Rd?  We've recovered a body, and we wanted to know if you had seen anything that could possibly help our investigation?'  I told him I was headed back from Houston, and would be home shortly.  I then pulled off the interstate to catch my breath.

I had planned on lunch and shopping in The Woodlands on my way home, but that all suddenly seemed very unimportant.  

The scene on my road looked like something straight from CSI.  The Texas Rangers, the FBI, the Walker Co. Sheriff's Dept., and Houston crime scene vans lined my normally quiet little road.  I stopped and had my interview with the man who had called me.  I had seen nothing.  He asked me if I had been running past the area recently, and I told him that I had.  He then asked me if I had noticed an odor.  I told him that I had, but that wasn't anything alarming to me because of the abundance of roadkill.

They let me through, and I went home and cried.  I cried for several reasons I think.  First for the tragic loss, obviously.  The complete disregard for a human life.  But, it was also disturbing for it to be so close to home.  Just a quarter mile down the road, most likely while I was home sleeping, some deranged lunatic was attempting to bury a body.  Then, there is also the fact that I have been running past this for what the coroner estimates to be 3-5 weeks, and didn't notice.

As of yesterday they have identified the victim (a pregnant female), and have a suspect, but they are not releasing any details yet.  They only said that neither were Walker County residents.  These are the stories from our local newspaper.  one, two

I pray that the family of the victim finds peace, and that whoever committed this heinous crime is brought to justice.

My road is forever changed.


Holden said...

That's a major downer. Bummer.

K said...

How terrible, Katy. I am so sad that this has happened to that poor woman and her child and to you and your family. Know that you are in my prayers as is this young woman and her family.

I don't know if I could recover from finding something like that on my own... maybe it is a good thing that the Rangers found her instead?

Adrienne said...

I saw the story on TV, yet had no idea I drove down there yesterday. Hope y'all are doing ok. said...

I hadn't seen the story until yesterday evening after getting home from the office in the Galleria. But what I thought to be weird was the fact that at about 8 p.m., there was a Walker County Sheriff vehicle that entered I-45 just south of Spring High School - with what looked to be a female in the back seat - and moved briskly into the left-hand lane and picked up speed.

Tiggs said...

wow that is crazy!