Friday, March 7, 2008

Let it Snow

Everything went fine at the doc's office yesterday.   Yay!  I guess she's got a hard head like her momma!

My family is leaving me today.  They are all headed to Colorado for a quick Spring Break ski trip, and to help my dad haul a bunch of stuff back from their house there.  I'm not up for a long road trip right now, so I am hanging back.  I've got lots of work I need to catch up on, and I'm not a huge fan of the cold.  I'm more of a beach gal than snow.  Speaking of snow, I woke up to it this morning.  That's right folks - it's snowing in Huntsvegas!

I think I am going to run here on my road today.  I'm bad about always running trails, and not getting any pavement training in.  I suffer in long races on paved surfaces.  I know where I'm not going, and that's the track.  I think I'm cursed when it comes to that place.  Once my Garmin comes in, I don't guess I'll need it anyway.

Ken and I ran our usual 6.7 mile loop again yesterday.  It was a great run.  We ran hard.


Tommy said...

I wish I could say I ran on trails too much.

Holden said...

I hope the snow doesn't slow down them UPS trucks with your Garmin.

I'm with Tommy, wish I can run trails more often. Doh! There's one right behind the house!

K said...

I third Tommy and Holden's thoughts! Too much trail? I'll take that any day!

I'm thinking of running Huntsvegas on Sunday morning. I can't make the challenge in the afternoon. Interested in running a few more trails??