Saturday, March 29, 2008

New 10K PR!

I went to Tyler today for the Azalea 10K, and still pumped from my new 5K PR, I really wanted to set a new 10K one too.  

30 seconds into the race I would have told you a new PR was not going to be possible at this race.  We started on slippery (wet from rain) red brick paved roads that seemed to be endlessly uphill.  Having worked up a sweat from the very first hill, I realized I had forgotten to take my sweatshirt off. ugh!  Not wanting to ditch it (my favorite) I tied the bulky damn thing around my waist and plugged on.

The first couple of miles I just wasn't feeling it.  I don't know if any of you have days like this, but in my head I was actually trying to conjure up some kind of race escape scheme.  Cut through the neighborhood or something.  My iPod must have sensed this and decided to throw me Mr. Brightside.  The Killers saved the day.  It was a total turn around after that.

I was in the groove.  I still felt like I had a 10 pound weight tied around my waist, and the hills on this course made Huntsville look flat, but I felt really good.

New 10K PR in the bag!


Holden said...

You Rock and on a Roll!!! Quick, enter another race.

equarles said...

dang....gettin' faster every week. congrats.

K said...

Congrats, Katy! Next weekend will be a 25K pr???

Norman said...

Way to go Katy.

Adrienne said...

Woo hoo! There is something to be said about those Killers! Congrats.