Saturday, May 31, 2008

End Of The Montgomery Co. Triple

Montgomery County Triple Finishers
(minus Evan)

I went back down to The Woodlands today for the David's Dream Run 5K, the last leg of the Montgomery County Triple.  It was not an event without it's share of weirdness.  It all started out normal.  Ken and I pulled up at Market Street, and immediately ran into Sara.

Sara asked me if I had read the story behind David's Dream Run, so I told her I hadn't.  She informed me that David was a boy who lived in a bubble that had passed away about 13 years ago.  I don't know how many of you are Seinfeld fans, but after she told me that I couldn't get the Seinfeld bubble boy out of my head.  The proceeds from the race went to Texas Children's Hospital, and it is a great cause, and I know this is horrible, but I couldn't quit laughing to myself.  I know - I'm going to hell!  Please forgive me!

Anyway, next we picked up our races packets.  Apparently, everyone either got a size large or extra large shirt.  What the heck?  It looks like a nightgown on me.  Why did they even ask what size shirt we wanted on the entry form if they were going to give everyone a large?!

Then we found out that the race didn't actually start until 8:30, not 8:00 like the website said. So Sara and I headed over to the HEB to use the facilities.  While we were in the bathroom a woman and two young girls came in.  One of the young girls (probably around 16) told her friends that she could not use the restroom if they were in there too because she had a nervous bladder, and she asked them if they could wait outside.  Then she put her finger in my face and said "you better not listen either!".  I replied with a simple "ok", but I felt more like saying "get your friggin' finger outta my face you freak!".   For the record - I listened.  It sounded the same as when anyone else does it.  Geez...weirdo!

Sara, Ken, Jon, Bill, Karen, Evan and myself stood around chatting while waiting for the race to start.  It was the usual discussion for this time of year.  The heat, the humidity, etc.  Ken wouldn't stop looking for John Cook. (fellow SHRC member who made the first two legs of the triple, but was MIA for the Dream Run)

Finally, time to run.  I went out way too fast, as usual.  I was chasing Suzy Shreiber.  Bad idea.  I hung with her for about a mile and a half, and then died.  I'm not sure why I insist on doing this.  I mean, I know it doesn't work well for me, but I can not make myself start out slow.  Very frustrating!  I ended up 4th in the 30-39 age group with a time of 27:07.

The race itself was pretty uneventful, other than some crazy guy with a baby jogger nearly plowed me over.  The guy was flying.  I'm convinced the thing had a little motor, and was actually pulling him.  One thing for sure, he needs to work on his steering!  It's a miracle he didn't take out an innocent achilles tendon.

After a really long wait with REALLY loud top 40's music and the occasional Tejano hit, the awards ceremony was underway.  (chip problems...ugh!)  I was all prepared to cheer on Sara who placed 3rd in her age group and Ken who we thought had placed 2nd in his age group.  When they didn't call out Sara's name, we realized that they were only giving out awards two deep.  And, when they didn't call out Ken's name, we realized after they fixed the chip problems he was bumped to 3rd place.  Bummer.  No awards for SHRC.  Ten year age groups with awards only two deep - that STINKS!  However, it did make my 4th place finish less annoying!

At the end of the awards ceremony Jon took over the mic, and told the remaining crowd a little about the Montgomery Co. Triple.  Then he named Jacob and Joseph Mazone the top male finishers, and Me and Sara the top female finishers.  My first overall female finish.  Out of a field of 4....WooHoo!  I got three more pine cones to add to my collection.  Thirteen out of the fourteen MCT finishers were recognized and given an award.  Evan left early, so he missed out on his piece of wood.  Motocross something or other...dangerous!

We all called it a wrap and went home.


Evan said...

Oh SCHUCKS! I woulda hung around If I had known I was going to win something! (embarrassed emoticon goes here). Great time!

The chick at HEB sounds certifiably insane. The dude with the stroller BLAZED right past me like I was running backwards!

Great time!

K said...

OK... Evan deserves the "I showed up just for the fun of it, never knowing I'd win an award", award. Do we have one of those?

We also walked away with a fantabulous picture of us with the ever-so-cool- HEB Buddy!! Maybe I'll post that picture on my blog!
Great to see you yesterday!

equarles said...

well, since no one else will do it, congrats on winning first in the triple. it's a shame you get two comments and neither one of them congratulated you.

Evan said...

My bad! Congrats on bringing home the gold! Time to enlarge the trophy case!

Hey Katy, I'm going to packet pickup for the Tejas tri on Wednesday. If you would like, I'll see if they'll let me pick up your packet, as well. Save you a bunch of driving. Lemme know:

Adrienne said...

Funny post! Just blame Larry David for the whole bubble being funny thing! And congrats on another fine piece of hardware!

K said...

OMG!! EQ is so right! What a lame excuse for running buddy am I! CONGRATULATIONS KATY! You ROCK!! Sorry I didn't say anything in my first comment, but I was there with you, so I was able to tell you in person how wonderful you are...
Where was Edwin??? (slacker!)