Sunday, May 4, 2008

6.2 With Rick

Went down to The Woodlands this morning for a 10K.  Nope, not a race.  Fellow 7 Hiller Rick Cook had planned a 100K training run in preparation for the Western States 100 that he is running in June.  His run consisted of 10 10K out-and-backs, and various people were running with him to help break up the monotony.  

My plan was to run the first 6 a.m. leg, so that I would be back in time for church, and then go back for one or two legs at the end of the run.  Rick and his friend John (a fellow ultra-runner who was planning on doing the whole 100K with Rick), along with Karen, Holden and myself headed out right at 6.  

What a great way to start out a Sunday!  Watching the sun come up on beautiful cool morning, while running 6.2 miles at a very comfortable 10 min per mile pace with great company.  I'm not sure that can be topped.  Well, maybe one way, but I won't get into that on here.  

I was just about to head back down to TW when I got a call from Karen that Rick and John had decided to call it quits 43 miles into the run.  No more trips to The Woodlands for me today.  Probably a good thing 'cause JP was being an a** about it anyway.

Congrats to Rick for a great 43 mile run!  A 62 mile run on those concrete trails in The Woodlands is unfathomable to this Huntsville Sate Park runner!  My feet hurt just thinking about it!  Best of luck at Western States!


equarles said...

Nice of you guys to run with him. so did you get on the bike today?

Adrienne said...

sounds like fun! I'm a fan of the sunrise runs myself. said...

I was looking forward to running a loop with you (and Bill riding the bike .. yes, he should have been running) so I could say that we had three newsletter editors going at the same time.

If Quarles had come down, we could have made it three current and a former newspaper editor ... ;)