Tuesday, May 13, 2008

8 Things About Me

Curtis tagged me for this little game, so here goes...

1.  I can juggle.  Started with scarves and worked my way up to oranges.
2.  I used to be legally blind.  Thank goodness for Lasik!
3.  My first name is Lisa, and my middle name's not Katy.
4.  I too, like Curtis, am uncomfortable running shirtless.
5.  I have attended 4 different colleges, and don't have a degree from any of them.
6.  I have Eazy E and The Bee Gees on the same iPod.
7.  I am not a natural blonde...shocker, I know.
8.  I have seen Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, and Pretty In Pink 437 times each.

Well, that's me in a nutshell.  Now I have to tag some people, so here goes: (Karen, Holden, Jon, Cassie, Sarah, Joe...get after it!)


Holden said...

Bee Gees! I feel like I just met a long lost relative!

K said...

I'll get crack-a-lackin' on mine... right after I get over my little fever... saturday night fever that is!!

Adrienne said...

You really do love that Lance! I guess he's slightly above average! j/k!

Tiggs said...

ahhh yes, lance does run shirtless. thank god for small favors :)

K said...

that's more Lance than I can take...I'd rather see a real hero, like Norman!!

Streaker said...

When I was running with Katy yesterday, I started to take my shirt off. Katy said that she would not be able to handle it if I did. I'm not sure what she meant.

equarles said...

do you still run or do you just stare at your lance armstrong posters all day? it's photoshopped ya know?

Viv said...

I followed a link from Coach Bills blog over here. I had to stop because who does not stop when they see Lance shirtless.

Great list! I love the John Hughes era.

Evan said...

OK, out with it!! Did you do the tri? Suspense is killing me!

When you swam, (swum, did swim, I never get this one right), were you kicked by the swimmers in front of you? Were the swimmers behind you constantly clawing at your legs? Ahh, the joys of triathlon....so did you go? Did you race? Did you enjoy it?

Tri is bitchin! I love tri-stuff....I hope all is well...:)