Monday, May 12, 2008

B-Ball Woes

Looking to escape the heat, humidity and snakes, I opted for an indoor run today on the track at the SHSU Kinesiology building.  It's an eighth mile track that circles above the basketball courts.  I get really bored running in circles, so luckily there was a fairly good game going on in one of the courts that kept me pretty entertained.  

There was also some bone-head muscled up idiot (mini mullet and a tank top with a dumbbell on it) in one of the courts that was throwing up brick after brick.  I'm serious, he was chunking the basketball like it was a shot put.  I was expecting the backboard to shatter at any moment.  It took all I had not to yell down at the guy "ease up's not how hard you throw the ball, it's all in your wrist!".  I am not kidding when I say, that in the entire 32 laps I made around that track, I did not see him make one basket.  The guy gets an A+ for persistency though.

I decided 4 miles was all could handle on this track.  I was starting to feel like a hamster, and suppressing my inner basketball coach was taking a toll on me.  It was time to go swim.  

On my way to the pool I had to pass the door to the basketball courts, and I couldn't resist going in.  There was a ball up against the wall, so I picked it up and sunk a 3 point baseline shot for the muscle man.  Amazing what a little arc and follow through will do.  Muscle man didn't say anything, but I did get a "damn wanna come play with us?" from the other court.  
Unsure how I would fare playing amongst a group of 6+ foot guys with the skillz of Kobe, I declined.  I may look into when the midget pick-up games are and go back.  

Ran 4, Swam 1


Adrienne said...

I see guys like that all the time when I go up there! At least the people-watching is decent upstairs! said...

She can run.
She can bike.
She can swim.
She can shoot hoops.

Can LeBron do all of this?

Katy said...

I'm sure he can, and MUCH better than me!