Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Killer Clouds?

There was a sign on the door to the pool today that read "Pool Closed Due To Weather".  I was completely unaware that clouds posed such a threat to swimmers.  For 32 years I've been swimming on cloudy days, risking my life, and I didn't even know it!  

The lifeguard told me that the "lightning meter" had picked up some activity.  The sensor for this thing must be in Dallas or something....geez!  I think they all just wanted the day off.  Sitting in a chair holding a floatation device can be exhausting you know?

I did get in a run this morning.  Ken and I made the outer loop at the park.  It was humid and fairly uneventful, other than Ken ate a bug, which he apparently didn't like too much.  It's hard to say though...he makes the same face when offered a piece of chicken.  Only person I have ever met that doesn't like chicken.  It has something to do with having to pluck tons of them as a kid or something.


Holden said...

Well duh! Most flying bugs taste like chicken. So he made the same face! I ate one a few years ago. Not the most pleasant feeling since it tried to go down my throat. LOL!

Norman said...

Ken eating a bug, Thats funny I dont care who you are.