Saturday, May 24, 2008

Brutal RTW

It happens every year around this time - I loose my will to run.  My last run before today was in Pearland at the Silverlake Tri.  I can't stand running in heat and humidity.  I know what you're thinking...who can?  But, seriously, I think I am overly sensitive to it.  It is very apparent in the crazy shade of red my face turns in high heat situations.  My high school basketball coach used to pull me out of the game because she thought I was dying.  Not wanting me to drop dead on her watch, I would have to beg to be put back in the game, and sometimes even ice my face.

Today at RTW, the second leg of the Montgomery County Triple, my face was crazy red.  Thanks to soaring humidity levels, the heat index at 8 o'clock this morning was already in the triple digits.  Ugh!  I did what I could do, but it wasn't pretty, and it hurt...bad!  Borderline torture.  It gave "for the love of pine cones" a whole new meaning.  

I zeroed in on Denise Van Kuiken.  I like to pick someone slightly faster than me and try to hang.  I shadowed her for about 1.3 miles, and then quickly faded.  I got a side stitch, which happens frequently to me this time of year.  I don't know if it's the heat or the fact that I'm running less, but I get them a lot in the summer.  Denise ended up finishing in 25:13, me in 26:52.  That is truly all I had.  Oh well.

My hat is off to Karen.  I would be willing to bet that out of the 98 people who ran RTW today, Karen is the only one who PR'd!  She broke 26 minutes for the first time today!  WooHoo!  I told her loosing all that gear would speed her up...or was it Coach Bill?  Either way, she was awesome!

Even though I repeated the phrase "I hate summer" numerous times today, I had a great time.  I've made lots of friends thru running, and lots of them were there today.  Best dollar I've ever spent!

When I got home JP was busy knocking the winter dust off the boat.  Time to take it out for it's summer test run before our slew of upcoming camping trips.  Jimmy Buffet and my song appropriate concoction (not frozen, but concoction all the same) quickly reminded me that I don't actually hate summer.  

We spent the day cruising around Lake Conroe watching the kids ski.  I say ski, but it's really wake boarding.  They are quick to tell me "mom, no one skis anymore...that's so eighties".  Being a former professional water skier and instructor, this is very hard for JP to accept.  Every once in a while he puts them in their place, and lets me pull him.  He throws on his 70's model ski (apparently they don't know how to make 'em nowadays), I put the Duran Duran cassette in the boom-box, and he tears it up 80's style. Her name is Rio and she dances on the sand... 

My plan for the summer:  

Short run.  Lots of sun. (with adequate SPF, of course) 


Bill D said...

When I'm back running races you'll see that I'm the same way. Give me a 60 degree day and I'm good. A day like yesterday and it's a beet red face and a survival shuffle. Great seeing you yesterday.

K said...

Nice way to end up the day! We cleaned out the garage so the kids can have a work out gym. Nothing like 15 years of dust covered junk (most of which is being thrown away) in 90+ degree weather to keep me busy!

Have a great rest of your weekend! It was so nice to meet Hannah and to have breakfast with you, Hannah, Ken and Ben.

equarles said...

Duran Duran? cassette? boom box? emfreakinbarrassing. adrienne, though not the coolest person in the world with the bird incident and the falling, is now cooler than you.
the heat. my god the heat. it sucks. but you gotta keep running.
geez...i'm mean.
sorry. uh, yeah, way to go.

Tiggs said...

Katy- I get a red face too! I call it my head steaming face, b/c it looks like my face is about to steam off!

i just keep telling myself, teh more I run the heat, the better I will be in the "cool" of the winter. i didn't say fall b/c there is no fall in Houston. said...

Yes, it was a pleasure to meet Hannah as well.

Too bad you won't be there for RTW on the 14th; however, birthday "celebrations" are very important! Especially the milestone ones.

Adrienne said...

This part of the world especially sucks in the summer! Getting in from a run sometimes feels like conquering the rigors of Hell! Well...what can we do?