Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Over Ambitious?

Well, since my horrible swim experience at the Silverlake Tri, I've been swimming like crazy.  Yesterday I signed up for the Tejas Tri in Sugar Land on June 8th.  It has a 600 yd open water swim...yikes!  I'm determined to do this one with a little more grace, and far less tears.  I loved the triathlon experience as a whole, so I can't keep letting the swim intimidate me.  I WILL get over my fear! (trying to psych myself up here)

Yesterday I swam 600 yds twice, timing myself both times.  In the pool, I'm doing this distance in about 13 minutes.  How that translates to open water...I have no idea.  I'm going to find a lake to practice in this weekend.

I also signed up for the Y Freedom Tri on June 29th in Pearland.  It's a 300 meter pool swim...heck yeah!

If anyone has any advice on goggles, it would be much appreciated.  Every pair I've tried fogs up on me.  Even the ones that say "anti-fog".  It's not really a big deal in the pool, but it's hard to sight buoys when you can't see, and trying to rinse the inside of my goggles out when I can't touch bottom is not an easy task for me.  Help.  This was a contributing factor to my Silverlake meltdown.


Hannah and I took advantage of the cooler temps this morning, and hit the road.  She rode her bike along side me while I ran.   It was great.  She carried my water bottle and pepper spray in her little bike basket, and didn't complain at all.  We went 3.5 miles, and she says she wants to go farther tomorrow.  Sweet!

Getting runs in when she is out of school has been a problem in the past, because I can't leave her alone.  Now her bike skills are good enough to come with me.  I'm so excited!  I won't have to run circles in my living room this summer!


Sarah said...

While Tejas advertises 600 yards, I suspect it is longer, maybe 700-750 yards. Not trying to freak you out -- I just want you to be prepared! :)

Also, Y Tri is in a 50-meter pool. Again, not a big deal now that you know and will expect it.

As for goggles, you might try buying some of the anti-fog stuff. You spray it on the goggles and then wipe it off with a cloth. Seems to work pretty well for me if I apply it about once a month.

Evan said...

Piece of cake. You'll have no problem. I always spit in each goggle half and smear the saliva around with my index finger, works fine. The COOLEST goggles going have to be the AquaSphere, not anymore fog resistant, just a great design!

Adrienne said...

Based on my experience, the 300m pool swim is not hard...especially it won't be for you if you've been swimming lately!

K said...

Well, based on my experience, the lounge chair distance is best for me! Swim from one side of the pool to the other resting in the appropriate lounge chair between laps! LOL

You are a brave, brave girl, Katy. I don't know if I'll get over that fear for awhile... a goal to think about though!

Tiggs said...

Darn, I will be out of town for Tejas.

And I'm doing Eastside on the 29th instead of the Y. I'd rather swim open water than the pool!

As for swimming open water at Tejas- the only way you will get used to it is to do it. I know you can swim that far and so do you. It's more about conquering the mental aspect of being in the lake. You can do it and you will.

I tried about 5 brands of goggles and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Aqua Sphere Kaiman's. They ROCK. They do not leak at all. They did not fog until after I used them in the lake and they do not fog at all since I used the spray.