Thursday, May 8, 2008

What Can Brown Do For You?

Um..apparently not get me a Garmin!  Tired of waiting on my darned UPS man to bring me my new 405, I bought one at Luke's today while I was in The Woodlands.  I don't really blame my UPS man - Donnie's the best!  

I'm holed up in my room now watching the Astros, and trying to figure out how to use it.  Lots of instructions - I may be here a while.

I also bought Chelsea Handler's new book, Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea.  If I ever finish reading this instruction manual I'm going to read it.  She makes me laugh - lots!

No running today.  I biked for an hour.  I don't know how far I went because I forgot to clip my cyclocomputer to my bike.  I also forgot the water again.  I think they got the bleach a little too close to my scalp today.


Holden said...

So what about the handsome dude that apparently turned ugly and bald you met at the Woodlands? said...

I thought the book was titled, "Are You There Superdelegate?, It's Me, Hillary"

Katy said...

Unfortunately, he wasn't ugly or bald...dang it!

And Jon, you have no idea what that comment means to me!