Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Swimming's Friggin' Hard

Well, I went to the pool yesterday for a swimming test drive.  Umm, apparently 'used to be a strong swimmer' doesn't translate into 'still a strong swimmer'.  I don't remember swimming being that danged hard!  I've still got the technique, but absolutely NO endurance.  I can't believe I can run 31 miles pretty easily, but two laps across the pool and I'm about to fall out.  Got lots of work to do in this department.  I'm going back tomorrow.

Yesterday I was also supposed to run at the park with Ken, but just about the time I pulled through the park gate, the pool repairman that I have been waiting on for 3 weeks called and informed me his was sitting at my gate.  Thanks for the notice...geez.  So, I brought Ken back home with me, and we ran trails behind my house.  I'm estimating about 5 miles.
Today I was going to try and ride my bike all the way to Madisonville on the I45 feeder road, but just past FM 2989 I realized I was no longer on the feeder road - I was on the entrance ramp to the interstate.  Yikes!  So, FM 2989 is as far as I could go.  (around 25 miles round trip) Probably a good thing.  I forgot to fill my water bottle up before I left.  I was parched - almost drank out of a ditch.

I just finished a three mile run here at the house (which makes my April total 114.5), and now I gotta go cook.  These danged kids want dinner every night - crazy.


K said...

Katy, I have been attempting swimming too. I swear, half-way through the class, I thought I was going to die... and I really was so tired, I didn't care. I welcomed the thought. I thought to myself, "for crying out loud, I ran a marathon and it wasn't as hard as this!"

From what everyone tells me, the endurance comes pretty quickly with swimming. I haven't stuck with it long enough to see. I don't have very good technique. I actually need private lessons. I can swim, but it's not the way that they teach it nowadays.

I'd love to do a tri at some point, but I have to get the swimming down first. I am such a wimp!

equarles said...

1 spend more time in the pool
instead of the chairs beside it.
2 take water on bike rides
3 teach your kids about restaurants and drive thrus
you're welcome.

K said...

EQ... THAT was funny!!!

Tiggs said...

Katy- go swim every single day for 2 weeks. Just go for as far as you can without killing yourself. Keep the pace very slow and easy. You're endurance will improve very quickly if you do. said...

After reading your first "feeder road" bike ride post, I saw that feeder road two weekends ago when I was going to Dallas to run and I thought that you would only be able to go to the County line.

Funny to see later on that you did indeed try it - and couldn't go as far as you thought you could! (I thought you would be able to ride all the way to Madisonville too as I was driving north!)