Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Still Resting...Kinda

I didn't run today.  After yesterday's run, I decided my legs needed a bit more rest.  I tore it up on the elliptical trainer for a little over an hour, did a little light weight training, and called it good.

I'm running tomorrow.  I think I'm ready now.  Legs are feeling good.  Groveton better watch out!

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K said...

Hey girl,
Let's plan our 50 miler now! We'll wear our twin trail shoes, and be the K and K team!! Woo hoo!!

Bill has me resting till Thursday. I am so glad. My legs are thanking me. I don't know if I could possibly do a marathon this Saturday, but you never know... if it weren't for the kids TKD tournament, I'd probably be there!