Monday, April 7, 2008

Recovery Run

I got back on the horse today, and ran 5 at the park with Ken.  It was hot, my hamstrings were tight, we walked a few hills, and that's all I have to say about that.

When I got home my new Runner's World was in the mailbox, and to my delight, my man Lance made a cover story.  'Lance is Legit" - Umm.  Who was doubting this?  He ran a sub 3 marathon with a 13 mile training run.  The man is a cardio freak of nature.  But mostly I just like seeing him power up hills. (see page 27)

Started breaking in a new pair of Brooks Trance 7's today.  I love this shoe.  Best ever made as far as I'm concerned.  I already knew my size in this shoe, so I didn't try them on at the store.  Didn't even open the box until today.  They have white shoelaces with black flugglebinders on the end.  I just thought that was weird.  Never seen black flugglebinders before.  Hmm.


K said...

Those are the exact shoes I am buying! I promised myself if I finished Hog's Hunt I would get them... off to go to Luke's this week!!

Holden said...

Flugglebinders! Zounds! So that's what they are called. Ouch! I think it just gave me a brain cramp!