Thursday, April 24, 2008

Been Chillin' in Cozumel

I got a phone call this morning from Norman.  He was checking to see if I was ok, because I hadn't posted in 5 days, and my last post was describing how sick I was.  How sweet - he thought I was dead.  I've made some really great friends in the running community.  Good luck this weekend Norman, Mr. Fit Texan!!

I have actually been hiding out in Cozumel.  JP and I left last Sunday, and got home late this afternoon.  It was nice to get away, but I'm glad to be home.  The trip was just a little too slow paced for me.  Those of you on my TIR team know I'm NOT a napper.  Unfortunately, everyone else there was.  I did alot of entertaining myself and talking to strangers.

There really wasn't anywhere to run that I felt very safe.  The beach was rocky, and the road, well that was out of the question.  I went to the little gym at the hotel a couple of times, but I mostly took the time to try and get well.  I am almost back to full strength.  Still a lingering cough, but not as intense as it has been.  I'm definitely on the downhill side of this crap.  Yay!

I missed running though.  When I got home I had about 30 minutes before Hannah got home, so I got in a quick 3.5 miles on my road, which will probably be my last run down my road.  I had a creepy stalker encounter which resulted in a neighbor escort on the run home.  Long story - too tired to go into detail tonight.  More on that later.

Anyway, I'm home!


Adrienne said...

I'm sooo jealous! I went to Puerto Murelos & Cancun last summer-and I still haven't gotten over it! May is a new month!

K said...

Glad you are home! I've missed your posts!