Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Signed Up For My 1st Triathlon

I have been wanting to attempt a triathlon for about two years, but have always been a little scared.  Thanks to tons of great advice and a little push from a friend who's a veteran triathlete, I bit the bullet, and signed up for the Silverlake Sprint Triathlon in Pearland on May 18th.

I'm not really sure I'm ready, but I'm just going to go for it.  I know I can run, I've gotten pretty comfortable on my bike, and I used to be a strong swimmer.  I haven't done any distance swimming in a long time though.  I'm going to the HKC later today and see where I stand.  I feel pretty confident I can swim a measly 400 meters solidly by May 18th if I start working on it now.

Thanks for all your help, Jeremy!  If anyone else has any advice to offer, I'm accepting donations. :)  


Sunday (Hannah's 7th Birthday!) I ran 8 miles on the trails behind my house.  It seemed like a lot farther because of all the sand.  I had forgotten how sandy those trails get when it's really dry.  I felt like I was running in place.  Very frustrating.

Monday I didn't do anything, well I didn't do anything that had anything to do with running, biking or swimming.  I enjoyed the day off.


Sarah said...

Awesome! Silverlake is a great race for your first tri. The lake is fairly clean, the bike course is short (though it does have a lot of turns), and the run is through a neighborhood.

I'm signed up for that one as well so I'll see you there!

Adrienne said...

Good luck! Let me know how it goes!!

Tiggs said...

sweet! I'll be at silverlake too :)