Tuesday, May 19, 2009

HSP Kicked My Butt!!

Hog's Hunt was the first time I had run at the park in FOREVER!!  HSP trails are way different than my trails, and they did one helluva number on my back and hips.  I think some of the problems with my back are from the way I was using my arms....holding them all weird to help me balance as I attempted to jump roots and stumps.  Then there was all the loose sand.  I don't remember the park being THAT sandy!  Up hill in loose sand is like running in a hamster wheel...and that is what I am blaming the hip trouble on.

I rested Sunday, but got right back at it yesterday.  Just 4 easy miles down my road.  I hope no one saw me bc I'm sure I looked like a friggin' idiot!  My hip flexors only allow for baby steps.  I ran 5 today, and felt better, but still not quite normal.  Guess that's what I get for running 15.5 miles of tough trails completely unprepared!!

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Adrienne said...

Hey Girl!

Welcome back to the blogging game! Good to see you at the race on Sat. Best of luck getting that sub, 4-you can do it!