Friday, June 20, 2008


This past year, JP and I decided to add a little diversity to the ranch, and bought some registered whitetail does for breeding purposes.  Our first fawns began arriving this week.  So far we've had two sets of twins. (1 buck and 3 does)  They usually weigh anywhere from 5 to 11 pounds at birth....same as a baby.  Only in this case, I'm hoping for the larger end of the spectrum.  They are so danged cute!  It's hard not to go out there and play with them, but we have to leave them alone.  There are some procedures that have to be done shortly after they are born (2 shots, hair sample for DNA testing, put some stuff in their mouth to prevent a disease called "blue tongue", and spray some ant repellant on them - it's non-toxic, I checked), but after that it's not good for them to have human contact because it increases the chances of the dam rejecting it.  Bummer.

They all seem to be doing good except for the buck fawn.  It doesn't have the same spunk as the others.   Maybe the bucks are just more chill...who knows?  We're just learning here.

This is the buck fawn.  Poor little guy!

Anyhoo, back to running.  Wednesday morning I went for my daily 3 mile jaunt down the road, and realized about half way through that this was the day Ken was making his 2,000th consecutive run.  A group of us were planning on running the milestone with him.  Oh well, I'd just run twice...that certainly wouldn't hurt!  All I've really been doing since it got hot is 3 miles in the morning, and then either swimming or riding my bike later in the day.  I'm a wuss.  No summer long runs for me.

That evening we all met up with Ken at the track to run the 5K Avenues course.  This was actually the first time I'd ever run this course, and hopefully it will be the last.  Very hilly!  I asked Ken why of all the places he runs, he chose this location for his 2,000th celebration.  He said he wanted to see who his real friends were...apparently real friends will endure torturous hills in extreme heat to show support.  I started the run off with Adrienne, Chris, Hans, Norman, Darren, and Andrew...the fast pack, but then Norman and I decided to hang back and run with Ken.  Lavonne, Karen, Norman and myself ran him in.  Although I would love to say I hung with Adrienne for an entire 5K (even if she was holding back), I was there to run with Ken.  He may not run the fastest 5K in town, but he is one of the most dedicated runners I know.  It's inspiring!  Congrats, Ken!

Since I doubled up on Wednesday, I took off completely on Thursday.  I went down to The Woodlands.  I had an early hair appointment, then I met up with a friend for lunch.  The only workout I got was a stroll around Market Street.  I'm not complaining.

Today I went for a "long run"...a whole 5 miles!  It felt really good.  I miss running.  Friggin' heat!  I'm meeting up with Adrienne at the HKC pool later today for some lap swimming.  Maybe I can beat her in the pool?  I doubt it! :)

Happy Friday!!!


K said...

OK... next time you come to TW for lunch, let me know!! I'll try to meet you!

Adrienne said...

They are sooo cute! Had a great time in the pool today-even if it got cut short!

Tiggs said...

those little deer are way too cute. where are you anyway?

Evan said...

HELLO!?? Anybody home?? RTW, this weekend?? I hope all is well....Evan...