Monday, June 9, 2008

Tejas Triathlon Report

Swim Exit - (notice other people around me wearing pink swim caps.)

Bike Finish - (I'm not sure what's up with the arm flexion. Gross!)

Run Start - (Side stitch like a mofo!)

I'm happy to report that you people are going to have to give me a new nickname.  Buoy-to-Buoy Lampson is no more!  I did absolutely no buoy hugging this time.  That's right - I freestyled-it the whole 600 yards.  I had no issues at all this time around, other than I started out too far back in the pack.  It's too danged hard to pass people.  I'm going to be more aggressive next time around.  I guess all my visualization paid off.  I've been lying in bed at night picturing myself swimming in a crowded lake and staying calm...just doing my own thing, like I were the only one there.  You can laugh all you want.  That shizz works!  How do you think I learned how to juggle?

Next the bike.  Not much to say there, other than I seriously need to get faster.  I passed some people, but was passed by more.  I'm guessing this is just something that takes practice and lots more training than I have been doing.  I've pretty much neglected the bike for weeks.  Now that I'm cool with the swimming, I'm going to spend more time on my bike.  You've gotta have a lot of time to train for these multi-sport races...geez!

Ironically, the run is where it all cratered for me this race.  For some reason or another, I got one hell-of-a side stitch, and I couldn't run.  I actually laid down on the ground at one point to try and get it to ease up.  Several people stopped and asked me if I was ok, which I thought was very nice.  Nothing would make this thing go away.  My right side is actually still sore today.  wth?  I just did all I could do.  I ran until I thought my side was going to burst, then I stopped and walked a bit.  Run, almost die, walk, repeat.  This process resulted in 10 minute miles for me, which cost me about 5 minutes.  

If I could have run at my normal pace, I would have been in the top half of my age group, which is my goal at this point.  I finished 19th out of 29.  This race seemed to have some pretty stiff competition.  My friend Jeremy, who placed 2rd in the Combat Tri and 4th at Silverlake, placed 14th at this race.  I saw lots of what appeared to be serious athletes at this thing.  

All in all, it was a good day.  I am definitely hooked on the triathlon, and I would definitely do this race again, just without the side stitch.  Dammit!  


Norman said...

Congrats on finishing another one Katy. Just keep at it. it will all come together soon enough.

K said...

You look amazing! You are my hero! I wish I could get over the swimming thing, but I just get so freaked out about it.

Maybe next year I can give it a go with a "friend" to go swimming with me...

equarles said...

dang, you just keep getting better. glad you didn't freak out on the swim this time. i'm jealous of those arm muscles.
way to go.

Streaker said...

Congratulations on Tri #2, Katy. Us running only mortals are awed by your accomplishment.

Evan said...

Great job! I looked for you guys after I fed on gatorade and pizza, but didn't find you. Fun event, eh?! That crazy side-stitch keeps visiting you, tough deal. It's surely a show stopper.

Great job!

Sarah said...

Great job, side stich or not. Tejas does bring out some serious competitors (though I don't know why). It's a great race, wish I could've done it this year! What's your next race?

Adrienne said...

Arm flexion happens! Sounds like a good race to me! Training for these things sounds like a science-gotta figure out how to balance it all out.

Best of luck on the next one!

Tiggs said...

ah ha! see, I told you it would click the second time! WTG Katy!