Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Camping at Canyon Lake

The Mobile Mansion
(sounds better than trailer)

Me and JP at the Party
(JP's best friend Tom in the background)

The Whole Group
(don't worry...there were several mobile mansions on the premises)

Well, we all survived the first of several summer camping vacations we take every year.  I call it camping, but it's really not roughing it too much.  The Mobile Mansion is equipped with two AC units, three TV's, a full kitchen, one and half baths, and is probably bigger than the first apartment I lived in.  

For this excursion we hauled the bad boy to Potter's Creek Park, located at what is quite possibly my favorite spot in Texas...Canyon Lake.  It is as beautiful as Lake Travis, but isn't spoiled with all the crap that surrounds that place.  It's a Corp. of Engineers lake, so they are very restrictive as to what can be built around it.  No bulk-heading.  It all naturale.  

While we were there we celebrated a major milestone for JP - birthday number 50!  That's right, I am officially married to an old man!  To his credit though...when we first started dating he was 38, and he still looks exactly the same.  That is unless he puts his reading glasses on. ha-ha.

I took my running shoes, bike, helmet, and goggles with me for the trip, and I am happy to say I used them all.  I got a nice run in every morning except for the morning we were packing up to leave, I enjoyed some nice rides with my sister-in-law, and did some swimming in the lake.  The rest of my time was occupied with absolutely nothing but hanging out with good friends and family.  It's always hard to come home from this trip...waaah.

Next up - Pace Bend Park on Lake Travis.  For now it's back to reality.

Oh and, Happy Belated Father's Day to all you awesome Dad's! 


Adrienne said...

Canyon Lake IS awesome!! Now, that is a big trailer!

WalkSports.com said...

Hope you purchased some carbon offsets for that trip ... lol

OPEC may sponsor your next visit.

bawanie said...

Married to a 50 year old, huh?....better keep your CPR training up to date (LOL - just pickin')!
If you ever need a "pit stop" on your way to/from Canyon Lake....stop by El Ranchito in Seguin. Their hot sauce is great! Or if you just need a cold beer, try The Oak.

K said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! When I saw the pictures of JP I thought, I must have mis-heard Katie... He can't be any older than 30!!

You make a very handsome couple!!

Happy Belated Birtday, JP. Here's to 150 more!!

equarles said...

i'm sure katy wanted to be called handsome....geez....

Evan said...

Jumping around, waving arms, "I wanna go!!"......I'm gonna go find some water pretty soon!

And they ARE a handsome couple! Lighten up, EQ.....

equarles said...

boys are handsome, girls are pretty. i have two girls, 9 and 5, so that's how we have to say it.