Tuesday, June 2, 2009

School's Out!!

Thurs:  4 miles on the treadmill.  was not nearly as enjoyable as my last treadmill run.  i think i may have prematurely expressed love for the machine.  i do still in fact hate the damn thing.  i would rather the asphalt be melting the rubber off my shoes than do that again. 3 miles at a moderate pace and 1 mile pushing hard.

Fri:  back on my road.  5 miler nice and easy with my dog and lots of coldplay.

Sat:  was supposed to be my long run, but jp rushed me, and i only got 4 miles in.  ran my fav trail.  no horseflies or snakes, bonus!!

Sun:  nadadamnthing

Mon:  Intervals - 15 minute warm-up. 6 x 3 mins hard with 2 min jogs between. then 15 min cool down.  

Tues:  5 miles easy runnin'.  it was divine.

btw, school's out! woot!!  kids are sleeping in and i can run as early as i want!  however; once they all begin to wake up they multiple very quickly.  i tell myself they gravitate here because i am such a BA mom! 

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