Sunday, June 7, 2009

Oh $%&#!!!

So, this morning was the Tejas Triathlon in Sugar Land, and I competed in the relay with Team BA (which truly is BA, btw).  My new twitter friend, Shannon Henderson, did the swimming (600 yds), Cathlene Webb tackled the bike (11 miles), and I finished up with the running (3 miles).  

Despite the fact that we just put this team together all last minutelike, I was still super pumped about it!  I hadn't raced in forever, and I was anxious to see where I was pace wise since I'm back in a regular running routine.  I was so good yesterday.  I even resisted all vodka temptations. Not only did I want to get an accurate picture of where I was personally, I wanted to lay down some super fastness for Team BA.

While heading home from dinner at my parents house last night I witnessed a horrific wreck.  I had never seen anything like that first hand, and it was extremely upsetting.   When I finally got home either the shock, or the grief, or a combination of both, made me physically ill.  To put it bluntly, I puked my guts up....seriously.  I hope those images begin to fade very quickly, and my heart goes out to all involved.

I set the alarm on my phone for 3:45 and hit the pillow.   I like to get up early before a race, have a little breakfast, take my time getting ready, and I do not like to be rushed at all.  So, when I woke up to daylight and 6:20 on the clock, I friggin' freaked!!  I jumped up and let out exclamation that sounded something like 'duck', only slightly different.  I rarely use this word, so when uttered by me, it is serious, people!  

I got dressed at lightning speed, grabbed my visor, purse, phone, black shirt( Team BA's color was black...because nothing says BA like black!), and flew out the door.  Once in the car, I placed the call to Cathlene.  I explained my idiocy, expressed my apologies, gave assurance of my impending arrival, and asked for directions.  

Next order of business was to acquire some sort of marking device.  There was no chance of me making the body marking, so I would have to stealthily scribble on myself.  Luckily the local truck stop had a plentiful supply of Sharpies.  Once I had my marker, I proceeded to HAUL ASS to Sugar Land.    Mapquest says it's 97 miles from my driveway to Sugar Land, and that this trip should take 1 hour 40 minutes.  It was 6:30.  Our wave started at 7:16.  I had figured in my head that I had somewhere around 45 minutes after our start until I was up, which meant I needed to be in the transition area no later than 8:00.  Did I mention is was 6:30?

I'll leave out the details, but I somehow made it.  I parked the car and went running down the street towards the start with my phone and Sharpie in tow.  I called Shannon, whom I had not yet met in person, to find out where she was, and she guided me right to her.  It went something like this: "Hi, I'm Katy.  Here's a Sharpie...please draw on me.  Oh, and, thanks for getting my bib for me.  Do you mind pinning it on, while you're at it."  One of my most outstanding first impressions to date!!

We quickly walked back to transition, and about ten minutes later, in rolled Cathlene on her bike.  Whew!  I made it!  Off I went....

Not a very good run for me.  I was extremely dehydrated from all the puking the night before.  I actually stopped 2 times at water stops on a friggin' 3 mile course!  Sadness!!  I was about 30 seconds off my pace.  Oh well, my teammates were kind enough to cut me a little slack, and I was just glad I actually made it there.

We ended up placing 3rd (Woot, Team BA!!!), but left without getting our hardware because the idiot results people had it posted we came in 4th.  Maybe they saved them for us...

I ended up bumping into some familiar peeps ...  Cassie (turned out a 10 minute PR!!!) and her hubby Manny, Evan, and Jeremy.  It was awesome meeting Shannon, a.k.a. hendy2, in person.  She is definitely a BA swimmer, and rocked her first OWS with great finesse (so I hear...I wasn't there!).   Major props to Cathlene too!  She rocked an 18 mph pace, and was just told she was doing this 4 days ago!!  My only killer performance was propelling the Expedition to Sugar Land unscathed and in record time.   

I hope I get a second chance to 'wow' my Team BA peeps!  And, in closing, may I just say that I absolutely LOVE triathlon relays.  It was the bomb-diggity rolling up with nothing but my shoes!!! :) 



Gusano said...

Good job! You guys rocked!! Even with the minor delay this morning!...

Anonymous said... are NOT giving yourself enough credit! I would love to have your time in the run! Everyone kicked some heiney today, and I am just proud to have been a small part! You did great, and I must say...after the 12 hours prior to the race...I don't know how you managed to even show (and wouldn't have blamed you if you hadn't!).

I agree...relay tris...ROCK! Love just worrying and focusing on 1 event (and I haven't even tried a full on solo tri yet...LOL).

We'll get our hardware soon...and it should just be the first of many! :)

Hope life settles down for you this've had a rough weekend. BTW---how's the tooth?

ramster said...

bomb diggity yo

nice race, i want to do a relay now too!

Evan Guy said...

Great reportage! Great seeing you guys! I posted a link over on my blog about being VERY late to the race last year, I know the feeling!

Good to see you at the races!

Word verification: "shlenism" ?

Valentine401 said...

Wow I hate it when things go awry like that - I had a similar experience last week. But you did awesome considering the circumstances. I bet it was a relief to finish the race and celebrate!

Adrienne said...

Dang! High drama can lead to some of the best experiences later on. Nice job to you and Team BA!